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Life is hard right now! Most people are suffering, and everyone has a prayer request! So, if you love Christ, and would like others to pray for you, we have prepared this page. However we will only post legitimate requests.

For example - Don’t ask that your daughter get the lead in a Broadway show. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” (1 John 2:15-16 KJV).

People praying

Special Prayer Request for Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.
Location - New York
Prayer Request - Please pray for our ministry and for us personally. Our ministry funding for “Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.” has been extremely low over the last seven years and we are having trouble paying our bills. In fact, Eric and Anne haven’t been able to deposit or cash a year’s worth of their personal paychecks from BBFI. 

We have been in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) since 1992. We have also been included in ten state run campaigns from 2002 through the present. But, just about each year since 2013 the amount that was pledged to our organization through the CFC and the State campaigns has been decreasing. This year pledges have not improved much from the CFC and are the second lowest since we began.

We want to continue to run this ministry for the Lord but the financial situation is getting very serious. We need your prayers and donations! To help us financially, please visit the Donate to our Prison Ministry page.

Please enter your prayer request.

Please note - All prayer requests will remain listed here for 12 months.

We have the right to edit any prayer request (this includes spelling and/or grammar corrections and shortening the length if too long.)

Prayer Request by - Carlos Bassett
Location - Bermuda
Prayer Request - I pray my wife will be healed of all her sicknesses. I pray my wife will come home to live from the hospital and will get the standard of care required so that she can be released from the hospital to live at home. Also, we as a family will be able to pay for all her medical bills.

Prayer Request by - Angie
Location - North Carolina
Prayer Request - My daughter has type 1 diabetes and has an infection with pains in her back and chest. She is weak. Please pray for healing and restoration.

Prayer Request by - John
Location - United States
Prayer Request - I would ask you to pray for a friend whose daughter-in-law is seeking employment. Included, her son’s job is set to expire due to the recession. He is needing employment to support the family. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Douglas Grigsby
Location - Texarkana
Prayer Request - Prayers for God to deliver me from Atheism. I’m not sure what to believe anymore when I do things hurtful to others. I thought I was doing excellent until I got myself in prison...

Prayer Request by - Parker
Location - United States
Prayer Request - Please pray for my daughter’s physical mental and emotional pain. Please pray for her depression, loneliness, emptiness, and fears. Please pray for her safety health finances happiness and salvation. Please pray God will give her wisdom to distance herself from people leading her astray. God bless you.

Prayer Request by - Israel Murphy
Location - ???
Prayer Request - Please pray for me. I seek the Lord God’s grace, purpose, and peace to be fulfilled in me “Israel Murphy,” to know and walk with God intimately. Lord, let the Spirit of wisdom, judgment, submission, gentleness, obedience to God’s Word and faithfulness come upon Israel. Let God’s face shine on Israel; save him in unfailing love, and use him mightily to the Glory of God, In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Request by - Debbie
Location - Amarillo, Texas
Prayer Request - Please pray for me, I am waiting on a lawyer and court date. Pray that my charges will be dropped. If not, then I pray for probation, house arrest and restitution. Pray that Becky will forgive me.

Prayer Request by - Bobby Standen
Location - USA
Prayer Request - As we look around all that is occurring in this world, we thank God this too shall pass and Jesus will come again. Thank God He is in control, His Will, His Perfect Timing. Thank God for all He has done, is doing, and will do. Thank God He is in Control and we are not.

Prayer Request by - Israel Murphy
Location - ???
Prayer Request - Please stand with me and help lift me up in prayer for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to come upon me, “Israel Murphy” in a powerful way. I seek the Lord God’s face, believing HIS promises be fulfilled in my life because All God’s promises are “YES” and “AMEN” – 2 Corinthians 1:20.

Prayer Request by - Roque Rodrigues
Location - Virar Palghar, India
Prayer Request - Please pray for Roque Rodrigues to be blessed with his job back, for promotion and salary hike, to be blessed in appraisal and job. For the gift of desired house. Please pray for Nataline Rodrigues to be blessed with her job back, for the gift, fruits and charism of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Request by - Michael Lovato
Location - Blythe, California
Prayer Request - I was praying that God would teach me to minister in the nearby prison. God has been so good to me and I want to give back.

Prayer Request by - Jo
Location - USA
Prayer Request - Please pray with me (Matthew 18:19) that God will heal my husband Mike of his cancer.

Prayer Request by - Janet Williams
Location - Roseboro, North Carolina
Prayer Request - Please pray for me. I have a lot different problems. I have depression and anxiety. Thank you for your prayers 🙏!!!! God Bless you all!!!!

Prayer Request by - Nancy
Location - Arizona
Prayer Request - My grandson is a fugitive in Indiana facing 10-30 years for murder. I’m asking you to pray for salvation for Stephen. He’s only 26. He accepted Christ as a child but became a hardened criminal. I am asking for God’s mercy.

Prayer Request by - Janet Williams
Location - Roseboro, North Carolina
Prayer Request - Please pray for my Son that’s in prison to return home soon and for God to heal his life. Heal my marriage and my oldest son and his family. My mother has congestive heart failure and kidneys are bad. Thank you for your prayers!!!!!! God Bless you all 🙏!!!!!!!

Prayer Request by - Nomusa
Location - Cape Town, South Africa
Prayer Request - I request prayer for witchcraft attacks, spells, sangoma, incision attacks especially cast upon me and my family. Prayer against mind control.

Prayer Request by - Parker
Location - Alabama
Prayer Request - Please pray for my daughter, she is lost to sin. Please pray that she can overcome her addiction and depression. Please pray for her depression, loneliness, emptiness, fears, and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her safety, health, finances, happiness, and salvation. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Request by - Phil Chavez
Location - Torrance, California
Prayer Request - Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health. Pray for a long life for Lorraine. Pray for the removal of debt and financial blessings and financial security for Lorraine.

Prayer Request by - Marin John
Location - South Africa
Prayer Request - I’m excluded from the engineering faculty. I need to appeal to the faculty readmission committee. Please pray for me to get back into the faculty. I’m in great distress. My future is blocked.

Prayer Request by - Danny
Location - Texas
Prayer Request - Please keep me and a very special lady in your prayers. She is not a believer, and I’ve been praying for her salvation. I ask that you pray for her salvation and our peace, strength, and wisdom as were going through a tough time now. She got orders to Korea and broke up with me. I love her. :/

Prayer Request by - Danny
Location - San Antonio, Texas
Prayer Request - My lady and I have been seeing each other for close to a year. We’re having a great time and I absolutely love her. She doesn’t have faith and is not very religious, but she respects me when I pray at meals and similar things. I ask that you join me and pray for her salvation.

Prayer Request by - Misty and Steve Whitmire
Location - Brevard, North Carolina
Prayer Request - Healing from long line of family suffering from mental disability related to addiction and maladaptive coping mechanisms associated with PTSD. Lack of community support systems and compassionate caregivers.

Prayer Request by - Gavin L. Turner
Location - Terre Haute, Indiana
Prayer Request - I’m in a real battle, and there are a combination of some things working to keep me from being able to go out and do what God has called me to do, use my God given gifts, and talents to help and serve. Need internal healing neurologically, and deliverance in my soul.

Prayer Request by - Llock Glykoriza
Location - Kdd (???)
Prayer Request - Prayer over the families’ Sanctification, Healthiness, pardon from sins, friends rueful changes, life alternating good, miracles, Length of Years, Favor in Christ, Restoration from Poverty, Guardianship over children and birth, and brotherhood. Amen.

Prayer Request by - Diane M. Boyer
Location - Ohio
Prayer Request - I am a 64 year old woman working as a supervisor in a men’s prison. I do my best to witness to all who will listen and have had a few successes. Please pray for inmates at SCI in Lancaster, Ohio, and for me, that God puts the words in my mouth. Ask God to water the seeds I have planted.

Prayer Request by - Tams
Location - Alexandria, ???
Prayer Request - Guide me on how to walk along side Becky as she journey’s through cancer. Show Jesus’ light and love through me, let me be the hands and feet of Jesus. Help me minister to her and to my children and her children. Soften their hearts to the situation and give them servant’s hearts. Bless us.

Prayer Request by - Ciera
Location - Nashville, Tennessee
Prayer Request - Prayer for her safety, health, and salvation.

Prayer Request by - Gavin Turner
Location - Terre Haute, Indiana
Prayer Request - Really need healing and restoration in some areas after some things that’s happened, especially neurologically in my brain and mind after some things that’s happened and also deliverance as well major demonic bondages and strongholds in my soul that need to be broken as well.

Prayer Request by - Samuel
Location - ???
Prayer Request - Please pray for me and my family for peace, wisdom, and safety. A certain person was visiting at our house and yelling in the streets about politics and religion. I asked him to quiet down and he only got louder. Then he started yelling that I would get my head cut off. I think he has a mental health problem.

Prayer Request by - Anonymous
Location - USA
Prayer Request - 5 yr spiritual war. Please spread this request to as many intercessors as possible. Pray against land building prior or current tenant curses. Pray against unclean or generational curses on my life. Pray that God release me who will rent to me knowing roach infestation...

Prayer Request by - Magda
Location - Poland
Prayer Request - Please pray for the healing for my little twin daughters Marta and Ewa. We need a miracle.

Prayer Request by - Lilah
Location - Georgia
Prayer Request - Just a few weeks ago a girl on my dance team died. She was only 14. She died in a car crash while her sister was driving. Please pray for peace in her family and that God’s love would overflow their lives in such a hard time.

Prayer Request by - Margaret Jane Perez
Location - Gallup, New Mexico
Prayer Request - Please pray for my husband and I to have our first baby. I have only one fallopian tube open and this makes it very very difficult to become pregnant.

Prayer Request by - Mary
Location - New York
Prayer Request - Please pray for me and many loved ones in great need of healing and for a total end to Covid and protection for all from it.  Also please pray for a very sad family situation for a peaceful end.

Prayer Request by - Mario Human
Location - South Africa
Prayer Request - Please pray for my business as I need transactions coming in urgently, I have plenty of quotes out to customers but very few transactions currently.

Prayer Request by - JTh
Location - Florida
Prayer Request - One of my children has been in a an accident and someone was killed. We are distraught at the loss of life and what the unknown future holds. We are Christians and know there is a way thru but we are desperately in need of prayer. He is inconsolable.

Prayer Request by - Mario Human
Location - South Africa
Prayer Request - Someone bought a system from me which they were very happy with for a while now. Suddenly they want me to take it back and refund them cause they say it does not work even though we were there and then they were happy with it when we tested it. Please pray for me that righteousness will prevail...

Prayer Request by - Alesha Peterson
Location - California
Prayer Request - I have an ear infection. It feels like I'm underwater and my ear is clogged. Can you pray that this second round of antibiotics work and that I can avoid surgery?

Prayer Request by - Alesha Peterson
Location - California
Prayer Request - I told my story on how racism effected my life during the black lives matter movement and why I dropped this organization. This girl that I used to know (former friend) is trying to silence me, sue me, and file a restraining order. Can you pray for a quick dismissal?

Prayer Request by - Eldon
Location - Surrey, BC, Canada
Prayer Request - My Dad, Fred Bach, has been in a coma from a stroke since this Wednesday. Please pray for him to be healed and for comfort for his wife. He had 5h surgery to remove a  blood clot in his head that injured his thalamus; they don't know how much brain damage occurred. It was after 2 recent Covid-19 vaccinations.

Prayer Request by - Ms. Angela Stokes
Location - Wilmington, North Carolina
Prayer Request - Please say a prayer for my husband Don and I. He is in jail serving 6 months and he proposed to me and we are now engaged to get married on Valentine’s Day. Thank you and God bless your entire staff and congregation always. Sincerely, Ms. Angela Stokes.

Prayer Request by - Ms. Jerald Gainous
Location - Houston, Texas
Prayer Request - I have 2 sons in Texas that are in prison. Please pray for them. They need all the prayers they can get just to endure. I ask for prayers for their peace of mind, strength to endure and to be filled with a hunger and thirst for more for God. I also ask that you pray for their release. De Cedrick Gainous and De Adrian Gainous. Both at the Estelle Unit in Huntsville Texas. Thank you so much and may God continue to Bless you all at Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Prayer Request by - James Arthur White
Location - Kentucky
Prayer Request - Pray for me and my siblings. We lost our mom last Wed. Pray for us to know mom is with JESUS and pray for us to get through this massive loss. Pray God opens doors for me and us in His will as it relates to work. Pray for financial security for us all. Pray my sister Loucreasia gets her SSI.

Prayer Request by - Lynda DeRushe
Location - Guyana
Prayer Request - Strength to overcome a broken marriage.

Prayer Request by - Tony Diaz
Location - Massachusetts
Prayer Request - Prayers for Peace, Comfort, and Freedom from all Oppression.

Prayer Request by - Van
Location - New Mexico
Prayer Request - Please pray for me. I need a miracle healing.

Prayer Request by - Janell Tamayo
Location - Montclair (???)
Prayer Request - Hi, my name is Janelle. My prayer request is for my husband Christopher Williams. He is at Corcoran State Prison Rehabilitation. I just pray for protection, renewal of his mind and soul and spirit... God strengthen him spiritually and motivate him to be what He wants him to be.

Prayer Request by - Raynah Fernandes
Location - Dubai
Prayer Request - Last month l lost my husband. I am paralyzed for 25 years. I need people to pray for me. God bless.

Prayer Request by - Jonathan
Location - Carr (???)
Prayer Request - Healing and deliverance. To experience the love and light of God.

Prayer Request by - George Methvin
Location - Longview, Texas
Prayer Request - My name is George Methvin. I am asking for your prayers for a problem that was recently discovered with me. I had an MRI yesterday and they are suspecting I might have renal carcinoma on my kidneys. I am very scared right now and need prayer urgently. I am asking that GOD will not allow this.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner
Location - New York
Prayer Request - We want to thank all of those who prayed for Greta, our cat. After two weeks of eating only about a spoonful of food, Greta started eating again on July 16, 2021. She is now enjoying moist and dry cat food and at times some table scraps.

Prayer Request by - Josh
Location - India
Prayer Request - (Please pray for Josh.) I am from India, applied for a job in Europe and the agency looted all our money. No job past 2 years, heavy loans, no finance to start a business nor to apply for a new job. I am useless and I think I have no right to live in this world. Waiting for your response, thanks.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner
Location - New York
Prayer Request - Please pray for our cat Greta. She will be 16 years old in August. Greta has hardly eaten anything for a week now. I took her to the vet Friday and they did a blood workup and a sonogram. Couldn’t find anything really wrong with her other than old age. Today, July 12th, the vet took blood for a special Free T4 test (not free monetarily) to see if it is her thyroid. She has eaten a small spoonful of food in the last four days. Greta drinks plenty of water and seems quite well except for the eating problem. Please pray that she will start eating again. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Michael
Location - Abuja, Nigeria
Prayer Request - 1. For my Baptism of the Holy Ghost
2. That the good LORD will keep me and my family healthy in 2021.
3. That my children will be successful in their examinations, particularly those in the University.
4. That the LORD will protect us against kidnappers and hired assassins...

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