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Life is hard right now! Most people are suffering, and everyone has a prayer request! So, if you love Christ, and would like others to pray for you, we have prepared this page. However we will only post legitimate requests.

For example - Don’t ask that your daughter get the lead in a Broadway show. "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world" (1 John 2:15-16 KJV).

People praying

Special Prayer Request for Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

Prayer Request by - Eric and Anne Kaestner of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.
Location - New York
Prayer Request - Please pray for our ministry and for us personally. Our ministry funding for “Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.” went down so low during the Obama years that we are having trouble paying our bills. In fact, we haven’t been able to deposit or cash a year’s worth of our personal paychecks. 

We have been in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) since 1992. Between the years of 2002 and 2004, we were included in ten state run campaigns. In 2016 we were denied participation in the California state campaign, even though we had previously been included every year since 2002. This was because they changed the rules after we had submitted our application. Many other charities were also denied participation in the California campaign. To make matters worse, from 2015-2017 we received only fifty-three percent of the money that was pledged to our organization through the CFC. This year things look even worse since the pledges from the CFC for 2019 are the lowest since we began.

We want to continue to run this ministry for the Lord but the financial situation is getting very serious. We need your prayers and donations!

Please enter your prayer request.

Please note - All prayer requests will remain listed here for 6 months.

We have the right to edit any prayer request (this includes spelling and/or grammar corrections and shortening the length if too long.)

Prayer Request by - Babbu
Location - Texas
Prayer Request - Please pray for the release of a friend PSN from a foul play.

Prayer Request by - Joe
Location - Arkansas
Prayer Request - Need prayer for my son who is in prison in Arkansas. He has been there a few years and has not changed his ways. I pray for him every day but I have not seen results. Pray for his salvation, for his behavior to change and that he may forgive.

Prayer Request by - Sheryl
Location - Los Angeles, California
Prayer Request - Please pray for the healing of Grant's soul, and the removal of veils and idols from his understanding and life so he can accept Jesus as his Savior quickly now! Praise God, Grant now walks with Jesus!

Prayer Request by - Michael Moore
Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Prayer Request - Prayer for my Family. We are in Financial Distress. God has not answered our Prayers yet. We can't do it alone. We need God's Help. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Loretta Blackburn
Location - Cincinnati. Ohio
Prayer Request - I pray that my boyfriend develops a thirst for Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Request by - James
Location - Australia
Prayer Request - Please pray for my wife and our marriage. She has just had a hysterectomy and she suffers from constant bladder infections. We have five little ones to care for and her health is struggling. Appreciate your prayers.

Prayer Request by - Winnie
Location - Wakiso District, Uganda
Prayer Request - I pray for Patrick Musunguzi for the Lord to set him free. He was arrested for idleness last night.

Prayer Request by - Brian Sperling
Location - Laredo, Texas
Prayer Request - Please pray for the salvation of Bartolo Carbajal. He is dying of kidney disease in Mexico. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Michael Moore
Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Prayer Request - Please pray for my Family, who are in Financial Distress. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Negash
Location - Las Vegas, Nevada
Prayer Request - Please pray for more stronger Relationship with God.

Prayer Request by - Judy Leggett
Location - ???
Prayer Request - Please pray for Bernard Taylor, Wendy Rush, and my husband and I for medical reasons. Thank You.

Prayer Request by - Shalonda Michelle Hawkins
Location - Louisana
Prayer Request - Prayers for Willie Mitchell in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Praying for supernatural favor for his case in August 2019. In 19th judicial court system he needs an attorney in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer Request by - Jeff P Basom
Location - Ohio
Prayer Request - Prayer request for a dear Godly friend Heidi. That she be healed from her past loss and that she will draw closer to me and no one tries to harm or interfere in our relationship.

Prayer Request by - Cam Cantey
Location - Delaware
Prayer Request - Please pray that Chanel Lewis is blessed and finds You in his difficult situation. Please pray he is protected and is able to be away from wickedness. Please pray he finds favor with all in authority in the facility and returned back home in this year.

Prayer Request by - Melissa Brown
Location - Rocky Point, North Carolina
Prayer Request - Prayer request for financial problems. Getting tired of same old things - insufferant funds for bills and bank account sending out a reminder to deposit money for bills, year in and out. Same result. Wonder why God.

Prayer Request by - Katherine
Location - United States
Prayer Request - Please pray for the restoration of my marriage on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Request by - Gerard McGoldrick
Location - Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Prayer Request - For the final and complete healing of my diabetes, of my schizophrenia and of my brain injury. For my tenure with ICLA at Bondi Beach to be lengthy, secure and undisturbed. For God's blessings on Mercy House.

Prayer Request by - Melanie Osborne
Location - Jacksonville, Florida
Prayer Request - Please pray for Dustin's safety, protection, and walk with the Lord and please pray for Grace's total health and healing, both in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Prayer Request by - Naulen Sanga
Location - Tanzania
Prayer Request - Pray for prisoners in Tanzania. Thanks, I'm a chaplain in the prisons in Tanzania.

Prayer Request by - Keijo
Location - Sweden
Prayer Request - Help and pray for me in my fight against false doctrine, who do not confess Jesus, blood in salvation, but use own victims. Thanks and bless.

Prayer Request by - Virginia Flores
Location - Lordsburg, New Mexico
Prayer Request - Please pray for my daughter Ginny. She's in prison in Goodyear, Arizon. Prayer for protection and strength. She has already excepted the Lord in her heart.

Prayer Request by - Daniel
Location - USA
Prayer Request
Please pray that the Lord provides me with friends who are believers in Jesus Christ and a job serving the Lord. Also, that I grow in all the spiritual gifts! Thanks and God Bless! 

Prayer Request by - Sally Gutierrez
Location - Rialto, California
Prayer Request - Please pray for my husband Felix for salvation and for our marriage. He shows no love or compassion towards me as his wife. He speaks to me in such vulgar language, always throwing me out of the house. It feels very awful. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request by - Brian
Location - Tampa, Florida
Prayer Request - I am short of rent money and if I do not have it by the 12th of this month, we will be forced to leave. My business has taken a downturn. Please pray we can get what we need by the 12th of November.

Prayer Request by - Carr
Location - Carr???
Prayer Request - Healing from being shamed and abused.

Prayer Request by - Thomas Posey
Location - Texas
Prayer Request - Pray for Tish and Tom Posey to be filled with the spirit for Christian service. Also, please pray for Kenneth and Shelly Dean. Kenneth is a jail administrator in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Pray he is allowed to continue ministering to inmates.

Prayer Request by - Alicia Perez
Location - California
Prayer Request - Good Afternoon, my prayer request is for my boyfriend of 9 years who's been incarcerated for 25 years. For about a year now he has been going to church every Sunday. My prayer is that he will grow in knowledge of God and that he will feel the power of the Holy Ghost in his life. Thank You.

Prayer Request by - Carol
Location - Oklahoma
Prayer Request - Prayers for my son Mondo who is 16. He is in a juvenile detention center. I really need all God's prayer warriors to keep him in prayer what ever happens at court that it will be the Lord's will and no one else's. I am putting all my trust in Him to keep my son safe, saved, and delivered.

Prayer Request by - Kevin Freudenthaler
Location - Medford, Oregon
Prayer Request - I need you to pray for me. I will continue to fight the good fight. I will continue to give Yahweh all the praise and the glory. Thank you my brothers and sisters. In the battle for Christ's kingdom. Hail His victory!

Prayer Request by - Michael
Location - Minsk, Belarus
Prayer Request - Please may I ask you to pray for me. I've lost important thing for me. I need your help to find it. Thank you.

Prayer Request by - Sandra
Location - USA
Prayer Request - Please pray for a complete healing of body for James B. He has rectal spotting and a pain deep to the bones in the left side of his hip. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Request by - Jasmine
Location - Schenectady, New York
Prayer Request - Prayer for friend Althea to be releasing past trauma from her past. Prayer for Althea to not be heavily medicated and to not be heavily sedated at a psych ward or prison. Prayer for mental illness, depression, and bad voices towards others to stop. Prayer to break fear of getting mental help (my pride has stopped me from getting help). Prayer for connect with my sister and my stepfather since my mom Sharon passed away.

Prayer Request by - Doug
Location - Florida
Prayer Request - Please pray for Jesus to bring Sally and me together so I can pray the prayer of salvation with her. I don't know where she is but Jesus can make a way where there is no way. Thank you and bless you.

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Donate now by credit card to help us reach those who are in spiritual darkness. God's Word changes lives!


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Prayer Request

Do you have a prayer request? If so and you would like others to pray for you, we encourage you to click below.



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