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Christian prison ministry.

Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is a Christian prison ministry that reaches inmates nationwide with the love, hope, and salvation of Jesus Christ. We assist chaplains with Bibles, New Testaments, tracts, literature, audios, videos, and counseling.

The mission of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ into prisons and correctional facilities throughout the United States.

"I was in prison and you came to visit me" (Matt. 25:36 NIV)

Christian prison ministry.
Prison population

Prison Population

There are 2.3 million prisoners in correctional facilities today. And 4.8 million people are on parole or probation.

95% Pie Chart

Inmates Released

Eventually, 95% of all convicts will be released from prison or jails. This year more than 600,000 will be returned back into society.



2 out of 3 released inmates will commit crimes again. Only 40% of those who receive Christian training commit new offenses.

Since 1989, more than one million copies of The Good News Letter in English have been distributed to inmates nationwide. And over 210,000 copies in Spanish as of 1994.

From 1993 to the present, we have distributed 14,234 English and 3,673 Spanish Bibles, 9,410 English and 926 Spanish New Testaments, and 7,687 Gospels of John nationwide.

The majority of the Bibles and New Testaments given to the chaplains are the King James and the New International versions.

The following items have been handed out in English and Spanish - 380,593 Bible booklets, 28,654 Christian books, 317 Counseling Sets, 1,320 Videos and Audios, and 603,218 leaflets and other material.

Although these amounts sound like a lot, prison chaplains need ten times the amounts shown here yearly. We need your support in order to do this.


Inmate Tom Wilmas
Tom Wilmas


I am fed by the non-traditionalist way Anne and her husband bring forth the relevance of God’s word. Their newsletters in Spanish help me to witness to Latino inmates, but are in need of encouragement and hope. The newsletter is having a global impact for Jesus. Keep up the faithful work.

Chaplain Gerald Silliman
Chaplain Silliman

Chaplain and his wife

The video and the tracts that you have given us are GREAT! The inmates are excited about the new material. I thank God for people like you. I pray that God continues to bless your ministry (Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.) and all people associated with it. Keep up the good work!

Inmate Michael Sellers
Michael Sellers


Thru BBFI, I’ve built a foundation, a sense of unhappiness with my past criminal behavior and thinking, and replacing them with a sense of responsibility and development of empathy for others. I am learning to think in ways that are rational, realistic, and responsible. I found Jesus.

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